Thursday, August 13, 2009

International Law; November 14, 2009; $2,000; J.D., LLM., PhD, S.J.D. Students

I blogged an international competition last week, sponsored by the State Bar of New York. This one, sponsored by the international section of the State Bar of California has a deadine of November 14, 2009. (Another hat tip to the University of Idaho writing competition site.)

This California competition favors seminar papers:

The paper may be specifically prepared for this contest or based on a paper submitted in a class, seminar, or as an independent study program. The paper should, however, be the original work of the submitting student without substantial editorial input from others. The article should not be a “law review” article.

First Place Prize: $2,000.00
Second Place Prize: $750.00
Third Place Prize: $250.00
All winning articles will be submitted for publication to the The California International Law Journal

Last year's winners:
  • First Place Winner: The Legal Implications of Nearshore Outsourcing to Mexico, Renee Dopplick
  • Second Place Winner: GOING PUBLIC: The Prosecution of Rape Under International Law and its Effect on the Public-Private Divide, Liane Aronchick
  • Third Place Winner: Body Snatchers: Transnational Organ and Tissue Trafficking, Kathryn G. Reid

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More information here (pdf)