Friday, August 28, 2009

Boston University Public Interest Law Journal - call for unsolicited manuscripts

The Boston University Public Interest Law Journal publishes a range of topics and invites unsolicited manuscripts.

For an idea about potential topics, see the journal's archives, which includes live links to many published articles, from the past several years.

The Journal's Submission Instructions are reprinted below:

Submission Instructions

The Public Interest Law Journal invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Submissions may include previously unpublished articles, essays, case notes, book reviews and commentaries on topics related to public interest law, such as Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Family Law issues, as well as legal ethics, the environment, education and civil rights. The editors broadly define these areas, though they are particularly interested in submissions which combine theory with practical application. The Journal is interdisciplinary and contributions from non-lawyers are encouraged. If any portion of a manuscript has been previously published, the author should so indicate. In addition, the author should include his or her credentials, including full name, degrees earned, academic or professional affiliations and citations to all previously published legal articles. The Journal accepts both hardcopy and electronic submissions; however, electronic submissions are preferred.

Electronic Submissions
We accept submissions via Express0 or via email at

Hardcopy Submissions
Mail hardcopy submissions to:
Boston University Public Interest Law Journal
765 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Send manuscripts double-spaced and typewritten on one side per page, with one-inch margins. Footnotes should conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (18th ed.), published and distributed by Harvard Law Review Association, Gannett House, Cambridge, MA 02138.

For further information, contact the Journal office at 617.353.7255.


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