Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Administrative Law Review - Recent Developments Section - Call for Papers

The Administrative Law Review has posted an open call for submissions to its "Recent Developments" section. From the Administrative Law Review website:

NOW ACCEPTING Recent Developments Submissions

The Administrative Law Review is accepting submissions to be considered for publication in the Recent Developments section. Papers should report new, exciting events in administrative law and regulatory practice. Topics may encompass recent events, decisions, or emerging trends which have the potential to change the face and practice of administrative law. The Recent Developments section is intended to update our readership on the latest developments of administrative law and spur discussion within the industry with concise, topical pieces.

Please send submission inquiries to:
Senior Recent Developments Editor
Administrative Law Review
American University Washington College of Law
4801 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 623
Washington, D.C. 20016


Topics that have been published in previous editions include:

OCC Interprets the National Bank Act to Permit Banks to Own Hotels and Windmills
Michael S. Edwards

Lee v. Minner: The End of Non-Citizen Exclusions in State Freedom of Information Laws?
Kushal R. Desai

Public Controversy over Peer Review
Sarah Grimmer

VoIP on Tap: Whether the FCC Should Apply Wiretapping Standards to Voice Over Internet Protocol
Joshua E. Adrian

Click here, for a menu of titles in back issues, many of which include abstracts that set out a good overview of what administrative commentary might entail.

For a sample abstract, see:

(pdf) Tort Reform By Regulation: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Attempts to Preempt State-Tort Lawsuits with Its Proposed Roof-Strength Regulation
Rob Ammons
David George


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