Wednesday, August 13, 2008

======> Paper Topics? Seminars and Law Journals

Law students who are enrolled in seminars, law review, or law journal activities in the coming fall will find it helpful to browse through the myriad writing competitions offered each year. Best papers from previous years can provide ideas about journal topics; competition deadlines can energize a head start on the local deadlines; and scholarly writers can win some serious $$$$ for excellent work.

The University of Idaho's writing competition website provides a good starting point for independent investigation. Idaho's site organizes the information by Deadline Month, and by Subject category.

To use the writing competitions for long-range planning purposes, competitions that have deadlines starting in January (or later, depending on your progress in the fall semester) are ideal. Writers who have produced some ambitious research and writing during this past spring or summer -- may find a competition with a fall submission deadline is coincidentally calling for a paper on that topic.

The possibility -- for a perfect match between your interests, and the topic areas solicited by the various competitions -- is really quite good.

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