Wednesday, August 13, 2008

==> May deadline $2000 (litigation topics)

International Association of Defense Counsel

First Place $2,000; Second Place $1,000; Third Place $500; Honorable Mention Plaque

2008 - 1 - First Place, Jamie L. Wershbale
Florida Coastal School of Law
Tort Reform in America: Abrogating the Collateral Source Rule across the States

2008 - 2 - Second Place, J. Alex Bruggenschmidt
Indiana School of Law-Indianapolis
Asbestos for the Rest of Us: The Continued Viability of Statutes of Repose in Product Liability

2008 - 3 - Third Place, Christian N. Elloie
Southern University Law Center
Are Pre-Dispute Jury Trial Waivers a Bargain for Employers over Arbitration? It Depends on the Employee

2008 - Honorable Mention, Rakhi Patel
UCLA School of Law
Taking the Next Step Forward: A Practical Evaluation of the Hague Choice of Court Agreements Convention

2008 - Honorable Mention, Andrew Batog
Barry University School of Law
The Post-Sinochem World: An Argument for Changing the Standard of Review in Forum Non Conveniens Dismissals