Sunday, August 17, 2008

==> January 2009; Employment Law -- $3,000

Winning Papers, back to 1998-99 are On-Line at the Jackson-Lewis/Chicago-Kent Competition Website

Competition Winners

2007 - 2008 Winners:

Mariya Starchevsky - 1st Place
George Mason University School of Law
Title of Paper: ERISA Federal Preemption Problem with a State-Based Solution: The Need for Regulatory Subdivision in Employee Benefits

Lindsay Niehaus - 2nd Place
Northern Kentucky University -Salmon P. Chase College of Law
Title of Paper: The Fifth Amendment Disclosure Obligations of Government Employers When Interrogating Public Employees

Juliana Poindexter - 2nd Place
University of San Francisco School of Law
Title of Paper: Has the FLSA Failed to Adapt to the New Information and Service Economy? The Case of Insurance Adjusters