Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law

The following information is from the website of the Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law:

The Journal of Public Law welcomes submissions from students and professionals. All articles should follow the formatting requirements given below. Both hard copy and electronic submissions using Microsoft Word are acceptable (though electronic submissions are preferred) and should be sent to the addresses noted below. When submitting electronically, please include "Submission" in the email subject line. Submissions should be accompanied by a paper or electronic copy of the author’s resume or C.V.

Submissions are promptly reviewed by the Journal of Public Law Submissions Committee, with a decision regarding publication within two to four weeks of receipt. If you need an expedited review, please send your article electronically and include the words "Submission: expedited review" in the subject line. In the body of your email message, you should also indicate the deadline by which you need a response as well as the Journal from which you have an offer.



The following items may be found in the Volume 23, No. 1 issue of the Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law.


The Search for Moral Neutrality in Same-Sex Marriage Decisions, by Adam J. MacLeod


Ensuring that Only Adults "Go Wild" on the Web: The Internet and Section 2257's Age-verification and Record-keeping Requirements, by M. Eric Christensen

How the Signing Statement Thought it Killed the Veto; How the Veto May Have Killed the Signing Statement, by Jeremy M. Seeley

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