Monday, July 20, 2009

August 12, 2009; 250-500 words - Civil rights and Economic Development

From the web site of: St. John's Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development.

On Friday March 5, 2010, the St. John’s Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development (formerly the Journal of Legal Commentary) will host a symposium on the recent economic downturn and its effect on New York City at St. John’s University in Queens, New York.

The symposium will consist of academics who have conducted research in all areas related to this downturn as well as community leaders and organizers who have dealt first hand with the individuals affected. The goal of this symposium will be to expose the pitfalls that lead to the recession and to determine an approach to avoid a similar situation in the future. Further, through discussion and debate, this symposium will connect all classes and ethnicities in an effort to work together to build a stronger city for the future.

Call for Papers
We invite you to participate in this symposium by sending a short 250-500 word essay by August 12, 2009 on your research and your desired involvement in this discussion. After review, panelists will be invited to speak and potentially asked to submit a paper for publication in the Journal.

Please download the attached call for papers for a more in-depth explanation of the symposium and the paper submission process.

Contact Information
Adam Dressler
Research & Symposium Director
St. John’s Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development