Friday, January 30, 2009

Grammy Competition Winners Announced

It's exciting to watch the Grammy Competitions. The winners were announced today at this url:

Winner Paper Title
David A. McGill — University of Richmond School of Law "New Year, New Catch-22: Why The RIAA's Proposed Partnership With ISPs Will Not Significantly Decrease The Prevalence Of P2P Music File Sharing"

Nakimuli Davis — University of Mississippi School of Law "Reselling Digital Music: Is There a Digital First Sale Doctrine?"

Tim Kappel — Loyola University New Orleans "Ex Ante Crowdfunding and The Recording Industry: A Model For The U.S.?"

Joseph Merante — New York Law School "A Role In The Remedy: Finding a Place For ISPs In The Digital Music World"

Kimberly L. Sweet — University at Buffalo School of Law "One Problem Solved, Another Created? The European Commission's Struggles With Fostering Competition In The Market For Pan-European Licenses Of Musical Works"

Image: after the ice storm; sturdy trees still standing