Wednesday, January 14, 2009

$2,000 Appellate Practice -- July 10, 2009 deadline

[This notice is excerpted from the public notice for The Eisenberg Prize]

$2,000 Appellate Practice -- July 10, 2009 deadline

For best article on appellate practice and procedure published
between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009 as determined by
The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

The prize will be awarded at the October 2009 meeting of the AAAL.

The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, a professional organization of selected lawyers who specialize in appellate practice, sponsors an award named for the late Howard B. Eisenberg, Dean of the Marquette University Law School and an early member of the AAAL. The purpose of the award is to encourage publication of high-quality articles in the field of appellate practice and procedure.

Those who would like to enter an article in the 2008-2009 competition should send it to the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, 9707 Key West Avenue, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850 or by email, with a post mark or email date no later than July 10, 2009.

For further information, you may call the Academy office at (301) 258-9210.

Winning titles from previous years include:

1) Appellate Courts, Historical Facts, and the Civil-Criminal Distinction, 57 VAND. L. REV. 437 (2004).

2) Irregulars: The Appellate Rights of Persons Who Are Not Full-Fledged Parties, 39 GA. L. REV. 411 (2005).

3) The Supreme Court and the DIG: An Empirical and Institutional Analysis, 2005 WIS. L. REV. 1421.

Copies of these entries appear, here.

image: wikipedia, Iowa State Capitol in 2003..