Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Administrative Law Scholarship (2008 publication) nominations and recognition

From the editor:

This competition is for nominations regarding 2008 publications. The award is recognition by the American Bar Association, and practicing lawyers may know of a suitable candidate. As for students who are considering a writing competition, the excellent description of eligible articles contained in this notice provides a good analysis of what a "new thesis" might entail. ~kas

Prior recipients of this award appear at this location:

The following notice is largely taken from an E-mail announcement of this scholarly writing award:

Each year, the ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice recognizes the best work of administrative law scholarship for the prior year, Nominations are requested for that award. Eligible books and articles are those that were published (copyrighted) during 2008.

In general, publications worthy of the Section's award should be: 1) well written, as publications that are informative and develop new ideas need not be difficult to read; 2) tightly reasoned, with a clear analysis that does not detour from development of the main thesis of the argument; 3) broadly applicable to at least several programs or issues; 4) provide a new and timely insight into a current issue of administrative law; 5) provide a new theoretical construct that will aid in the understanding or development of administrative law or develop a practical recommendation for solving a problem of administrative law; & 6) contain a minimum of repetition or recitation of existing work.

If you wish to nominate a book or article for this award, forward your nominations to:
Russell L. Weaver
Professor of Law & Distinguished University Scholar
University of Louisville
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Louisville, KY 40292
PH: 502-852-6559
FAX: 502-852-0862


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