Saturday, June 6, 2009

October 2, 2009; Air and Space Law; $3,000; $2,000

The ABA Forum on Air and Space Law has announced its writing competition, sponsored by Rolls-Royce. While suggested topics are projected, they are not yet available on the forum web site.

From the competition pdf flyer:

Students are free to select a topic relevant to the aerospace industry, write the article after April 1, 20009, and not have published the article in any other medium or law school publication. [blog editor's note: Interested writers might find some topical ideas at the Institute of Air and Space Law, at McGill University.]

4,000 word limit, electronic submissions allowed.

Open to law students in good standing who are, or become members of, the ABA student division.

1st place prize - $3,000 (plus travel and accommodations, and potential publicaiton int he fall issue of The Air and Space Lawyer) at the Update Conference.
2nd Place Prize - $2,000

More information: Dawn R. Holiday at

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