Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New England Law Review - Invitation for Unsolicited Manuscripts

From the invitation to authors, New England Law Review

Article Submissions
A Message to Authors

The Editors and Staff of the New England Law Review are committed to providing authors with courteous and timely service. We strive to make the experience of publishing with us the best you will find at any journal.

The New England Law Review also encourages novice authors to submit their articles for publication. The New England Law Review is committed to publishing not only highly qualified authors but authors who present new ideas to the legal community. All authors must be graduates of an ABA-accredited law school or foreign equivalent.

We understand that the article is your work and bears your name. Our goal is to assist you in publishing an article that meets the highest academic standards.

Article Submissions

The New England Law Review invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts, preferably electronically, but also through postal mail at the address listed below. We request that contributing authors disclose any economic interests and affiliations that may influence the views expressed in their submissions. The best times to send submissions are between late March and early November.

Electronically: Manuscripts may be sent by e-mail to Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Also, please attach a cover letter describing the article and indicating why it should be published by the New England Law Review and an updated curriculum vitae.

By mail: Manuscripts should be sent to the attention of the Articles Editors. Manuscripts submitted via postal mail cannot be returned unless a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope is enclosed with the manuscript. Our address is:

New England Law Review
New England Law | Boston
46 Church Street
Boston, MA 02116

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