Saturday, May 23, 2009

How about a Book Review?

Summer time allows for a little free reading for those who operate on the academic calendar. A good place for you to practice writing is by writing a book review for an on-line audience. Some of the reviews can become fairly elaborate, and it appears there's a place for instant publication for just about anyone.

Like anything else, practicing an art hones the skill at doing it.

Here's a sample book review from a longer review of Justice Scalia's book, Making Your Case:

Whether or not you agree with Justice Scalia's opinions from the Supreme Court, this book as a primer on briefs and oral argument is excellent. I wish that I had this book for moot court. The brief writing section was far better than any of the books I had to help me. The oral presentation section identified solutions to problems that frustrated me. If you are not a lawyer you will likely find the oral argument section interesting and helpful, but find the minutia of the brief writing section boring. As a lawyer, I will reread this book from time to time. Justice Scalia recognizes there are other viewpoints; he discusses them but then explains why his view is better.
More here.

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