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Bankruptcy Law; June 15, 2009; Publication (open to students and law grads)

(Hat tip to the Idaho Legal Writing Competitions Site)

The following information is taken directly from The Southern New England Roundtable Symposium Law Journal website:

The Southern New England Roundtable Symposium Law Journal publishes articles and student-written comments in a symposium format. Pieces are accepted from any author for consideration as an article, and comment submissions are accepted from current members of SNESL as well as from students at other law schools. The journal is available in both electronic and hardcopy formats. Access to articles is through our website at www.snesl.edu. .

Submitting an Article

We are accepting submissions for the 2009 issue on "Trends and Issues in Bankruptcy", and the 2010 issue on "Trends and Issues in Terrorism and the Law".

The Roundtable Symposium Law Journal will give preference to articles under 25,000 words in length--the equivalent of 50 law review pages--including text and footnotes. We will not publish articles exceeding 35,000 words--the equivalent of 70-75 law review pages--except in extraordinary circumstances.

We accept both electronic and hardcopy submissions. Electronic submissions must be in MS Word. Hardcopy submissions must be accompanied by electronic disc containing the manuscript in MS Word. Please mail your submission to:
Articles Dept.
S. New Eng. Roundtable Symp. L.J.
Southern New England School of Law
333 Faunce Corner Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747
E-Mail to: Amy Kamon at roundtable@snesl.edu

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