Sunday, December 28, 2008

Law and Society -- $500 for travel expenses to Denver; nomination procedure

The approach to Law and Society writing contest recognition is through a nomination process. Students memberships to this organization are offered at a reduced rate. Scholarly papers that meet the criteria for this organizations eight prizes and awards are nominated by members of the society.

The Law and Society web site contains an array of information, highlights that pertain to writing awards for undergraduate and graduate students are highlighted below. Additional Law and Society awards are designed for experienced scholars; all are discussed at the Law and Society web site.

As for the writing awards that pertain to law students, highlights for the Society web site information include:

Association Prizes

The Law and Society Association offers eight prizes and awards for scholarship in the field of law and society. They are the Harry J. Kalven, Jr. Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in Law and Society: the J. Willard Hurst Prize for the Best Work in Sociolegal Legal History; the Herbert Jacob Book Prize; the Law and Society Association Article Prize; the Law and Society Association International Prize; the Stanton Wheeler Mentorship Prize, and three student prizes -- an undergraduate paper prize, a graduate student paper prize, and a dissertation prize.

Calls for Nominations for 2009 prizes will be issued on this website and the LSA Newsletter this Fall, with due dates in late 2008 - early 2009. Prizes will be awarded at the annual meeting in May in Denver.

Sampling of winning student titles (more appear on the Law and Society web site, under the student writing awards category):

Regulating the ‘Social Mix:’ How and Why Do France and the U.S. Desegregate Housing (2008)

Myth‑making and the Collision of Rights in Sudan (2008)

It's Just Black, White or Hispanic": An Ethno- graphic Examination of Racializing Moves in California's Segregated Prison Reception Centers (2007)

From Institutional Change to Customer Service: The Development of the Practical Meaning of Title VI (2006)

Inside Out and Upside Down in Indian Country: Law's Colonization of the Native Nations (2005)

How Green Was My Valley? An Examination of Tournament Theory as a Governance Mechanism in Silicon Valley Law Firms (2004)

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