Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post-Hiatus -- Several Thoughts on Publications

Dear Readers,

My thanks to those who have written me to ask for follow-up entries! I appreciate it very much. Now that it's spring break after the push of a very busy several months, I have a minute to share some general information, and I'll ease into the routine of posting updates as well.

First, when this blog lacks updates, you should find that the Idaho Writing Competitions website is updated. It's got an impressively comprehensive list of ongoing competitions, and I am humbled by and appreciative of that site.

Second, I share with you an article my colleague Angela Doss found following Legal Writing Law Prof blog:

Allen Rostron & Nancy Levit (University of Missouri and Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law):
Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals.

Third, I share thoughts on "breaking the seal" into a writing habit, and that is through a short publication in your local bar journals which are published monthly and some of which are published online. Check with your state bar association for outlets. I'm linking the state law portal at Washlaw that leads you to an updated compilation of all state resources. It's an amazing resource. (Once at the Washlaw link, find your state bar's materials by choosing your state in the left panel. Once at your state's resource page, go to the very bottom where the practitioner's resources are.)

Fourth, I encourage attorney-readers to consider signing up to teach a continuing legal education hour. Some outlets will pay you for the effort, and in the business side of law, the public speaking experience should go a long way.


Image: Will Simpson