Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Updates: 1) Attribution in Scholarly Writing, and 2) New Writing Competition Posts This Weekend

I have updated (clarified and expanded) a blog entry I wrote earlier this month on the subject of original (non-plagiarized) scholarly writing. Before you submit an entry to a writing competition and before you submit a draft article to fulfill an academic requirement at any stage of the process (including a preliminary draft that you are submitting to a professor or student editor), consult the academic integrity information your professor has supplied and also check the Legal Writing Institute collection of information on plagiarism. With the advent of computer technology, it's a lot easier to copy and paste, and it's also a lot easier to detect the presence of borrowed material in scholarly writing. Be very careful to avoid attribution problems. The blog entry I have linked summarizes some insights I've developed while looking into the problem and also suggests some titles of books and a good on-line source.

* * *

Look for posts of writing competitions this weekend! (Or check the links at the side bar for new entries at Idaho or Denver, for example; we are beginning to receive notices from a number of writing competitions).