Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Public Utility, Communication, Transportation; June 1, 2009; $2,500 plus travel

Public Utility, Communication, Transportation; June 1, 2009; $2,500 plus travel.

This notice is drawn from the competition flyer, linked below as a Word document.

Papers should address an essay on a current topic of general interest in a legal area covered by the Section. The ABA Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law covers specific industries that provide certain important, in some cases, essential, services to the general public. The Section is organized into industry committees and practice committees that relate to areas of legal specialty (e.g. antitrust, labor, taxation and accounting) as they apply to those industries. These committees are identified on the Section's website. The Section will interpret the scope of the subject broadly to ensure that the Competition affords a great degree of flexibility in writing on these subject areas, but in any event the decision of whether a particular essay qualifies as to subject matter is entirely within the discretion of the Section.

Entrants are encouraged to write on subjects of national interest or significance, not state-specific issues. Entrants must submit their own original essay. Failure to submit an original essay will result in its disqualification and the selection of a new winner.

The winner will receive $2,500 cash, a free membership in the Section for one year after graduation, and airfare and hotel accommodations to attend the Section’s Fall Council Group Meeting. The winner will be announced in the Section's quarterly publication, Infrastructure. The winner’s essay will posted on the Section Web Site for approximately one year and be considered for publication in the Section's Annual Report. Any taxes are the responsibility of the winner.
By entering, the winner gives the ABA the right to reproduce any essay material submitted in any medium without time, use, or territorial limitation, as long as such is for noncommercial purposes. Entries will not be returned. All entries submitted to the ABA become the property of the ABA. Entries must be submitted to:

Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law
Student Writing Competition
American Bar Association
321 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Attention: Ms. Susan Koz

Entries must be postmarked on or before June 1, 2009.

More information here (word document file)

Sebastian Miller (2008 Recipient of K. William Kolbe Law Student Writing Competition) -
A Description and Partial Evaluation of Transmission and Distribution Restructuring in the American and Russian Electricity Sectors


Grasslands and subdivisions form distinct contrasts on the Colorado Front Range, Larimer County, Colorado.

Photography by Jeff Vanuga, Colorado, 2002 (Courtesy of Natural Resources Conservation Service)